Treatments & Massages

Sensory Body

Created for your psychophysical wellbeing

Take your senses to far away lands

A ritual inspired by ancient oriental rites. An unprecedented exploration performed with the Mhekka* followed by a massage with amber and date oil, enriched with warm notes of myrrh that nourish and sublimate your skin. A baked clay accessory will be gifted at the end of the treatment.

Body Treatments

Treatments are fully adjustable and customisable based on your needs

Duration: 75 minuti | € 140,00

Customisable texture and fragrance

Salt/Oil Gommage for stronger exfoliation. Salt/Cream Gommage for a more delicate exfoliation

Customisable for texture, duration and fragrance

Oil Massage for a silky effect on the skin, Wax massage for a nourishing effect, Cream Massage for a velvety effect on the skin.

Cocoon Hydra Body mask with different fragrances available for your choice.

Shaping Body

Created to reach final visible results

Slimming and reshaping treatment that combines technique, effectiveness and relaxation. Critical areas are massaged with an exclusive accessory made of Limoges porcelain that along with specific oil and serum gives your body a more toned and reshaped silhouette. Total body massage

Bamboo cane massage that stimulates subcutaneous tissues and helps in reducing water retention. Drainage massage performed with specific oil on abdomen and legs.

Massage performed vigourously with wooden massage balls that reactivate the microcirculation to fight the swelling and blemishes of cellulite and at the same time  the movements give a deep sense of relaxation. Massage performed with specific oil on abdomen and legs.

Ultra-refreshing treatments coupled with the power of toning and lifting ingredients. A specific technique is used starting to lighten legs first, then followed by a foot massage that through frictions and pressures gives pure sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This is the perfect option for an after-sport performance or to relieve the pain, swelling and fatigue in legs.

Partial or total massage performed with camphor oil enriched with arnica extract with analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties and mandarin essential oil with a soothing and relaxing fragrance. It helps reducing tensions caused by bad posture, stress, long travels and light or strong sports trainings.

Facial Treatments

Take care of your face with the treatments of Ostuni Palace Wellness Center

Result: Smoothness, Relaxation and Glow

An organic facial treatment with a fresh and relaxing fragrance that awakens the skin and gives it an immediate effect of glow. The combination of different sensorial effects on skin, neck and scalp give a full immersion into nature leading to a deep feeling of relaxation.

Wrinkles reduction and Skin Firmness increase

Intensive specific treatment against the visible signs of skin aging, wrinkles and sagging skin. This high-performance formula combines specific products to sophisticated application methods with guaranteed and proven effectiveness from the first session.

Spa Offers and Packages

Special Offers for you, your partner or anyone else with you

For a special moment to share with your loved one or closest friends, the Spa at Ostuni Palace offers special promotions created to give you an unforgettable experience in a cozy place while being guided by the care our staff.

Choose among the wide range of massages, facial and body treatments, chromotherapy, sauna and much more to recover, rejuvenate and renew body and soul.

And last but not least, don’t forget our Palace Café that will contribute to make every special moment even more unique, wether it’s a birthday celebration or a bachelorette party.

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